What We Do


The generational de-construction of the family.

There is an absence of fathers who are leading and loving their families as God has called them to.

The result?

A lack of security, support and vision for the future in the lives of unfathered and at-risk youth.

A generation of young people will not change unless it is led to change.

The lives of at-risk youth must be interrupted with God’s truth and led to change by MEN and WOMEN of character – JCLC Staff and Mentor Leaders!

What makes a child at-risk in the United States?

  • Living in poverty
  • Living in a single-parent household
  • Living in a household without English speakers
  • Living through a traumatic experience(s) – you can read more about this topic here
  • Living with a parent/guardian(s) who:
    • is uneducated
    • has been incarcerated
    • struggles with his/her mental health
    • struggles with addiction

Effects of COVID-19 on our youth:

  • Decline in reading and math scores, especially for English Language Learners
  • Increased poverty and lack of security
  • Increased exposure to domestic violence
  • Lack of in-person connection with peers and stable adults
  • Lack of physical activity, paired with unhealthy sleeping and eating habits
  • Increased anxiety and depression

Effects of social media and the virtual world on our youth:

  • Increased anxiety and depression
  • Increased feelings of isolation
  • Increased vulnerability to child predators
  • Record number of suicides
  • Easy access to pornography, explicit violence and other mature and explicit content
  • Decreased desire and social capability to connect with peers in-person

What is JCLC?

JCLC is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop unfathered and at-risk boys and girls into global-minded leaders of God’s design.

JCLC is currently made up of a small staff team with a big vision to see God’s Kingdom built in Cleveland and beyond by raising up the next generation of Christ-centered leaders.

How does JCLC work?

JCLC fulfills its mission by discipling unfathered and at-risk children in 4th-12th grade.


JCLC’s Mentoring program pairs each child “Apprentice” with an adult “Mentor Leader”. The mentor builds a relationship with the child and disciples him/her to know and follow God. The JCLC staff team trains and supports the mentors, as well as works on-the-ground with the Apprentices and their families, deepening the relationships on a day-to-day basis.

The People

We build a team of Christ-centered adults around each Apprentice through which he/she is discipled:

  1. Mentor Leader – the discipler of the Apprentice
  2. JCLC Staff Team – the shepherds and leaders over the Apprentice and Mentor Leader relationship
  3. Prayer Warrior – the intercessor for the Apprentice and his/her family
  4. Provision Partners – the provider of financial resources needed to equip the Apprentice
  5. Education Coordinator – the connector for the Apprentice to school or ESL support
  6. Mother Support Lead – the discipler of the Apprentice’s mother
  7. Community Support Team – the other vital adult supporters in the life of the Apprentice

The Processes

We build processes into each Apprentice’s life through which he/she is discipled:

  1. Daily Bible reading
  2. Weekly connection with Mentor Leader
  3. Weekly connection with JCLC staff member
  4. Academic accountability and support, as needed
  5. Monthly Small Group
  6. Monthly Bridge Event gathering
  7. Quarterly Leadership Conference