Society has many names for the people in our lives that we call upon for support and encouragement; people, peeps, crew, posse, village, circle of support, besties, BFF’s, bros, squad, network, compadres…the list goes on.  The fact that there are so many names for what is basically a support team shows the immense importance of such people in our lives.  We all have a deep need for people we can trust, who “get us”, who love us unconditionally, and whom we have given permission to challenge us.  These are the people we call when our car breaks down, our babysitter calls off, there is a family outbreak of the flu, we need help moving, we have a difficult decision to make, or when we have something to celebrate.

Unfortunately, these people are not always easy to find.  And, because they are human, they inevitably let us down.  When that happens repeatedly, we begin to pull away and fear trusting anyone.  For those who have experienced generational trauma, poverty, abuse, and marginalization, this is most often the case.  Fear, shame, and exhaustion can keep them isolated and feeling very, very alone.  From a societal perspective, it also leaves these individuals without the social capital needed to get out of their current situation and get ahead.  We live in a world where connections can get us places.

Joshua and Caleb Leadership Center is working to break this cycle in the lives of our apprentices and their mothers.  JCLC surrounds each of the boys and girls in our ministry with a Mentorship Team made up of safe adults who are committed to providing support, encouragement, and social capital all in the name of Jesus.  At the same time, we surround each JCLC mom with her own Support Team of individuals committed to coming alongside her in the day-to-day struggles of life.  The individuals on these teams come from churches, schools where the apprentices attend, the community, and JCLC staff and ministry partners.

Some days, they may be there just to listen, other days to provide needed transportation or assistance, but most days they are there simply to remind the JCLC boys and girls and their moms to lift up their eyes from the muck and mire of daily life to see what God has in store for them.

“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”
Psalm 121:1,2

If you would like to learn more about becoming part of a Mentorship or Support Team through JCLC, please visit our website or reach out to Amy directly at