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Become a Mentor Leader

The Role of a Mentor Leader

The Mentor Leader is a follower of Jesus Christ who feels called to invest in the life of an at-risk child with the love of God. A Mentor Leader’s job is to journey alongside an Apprentice through life, serving as a spiritual coach, training him/her up in the ways of God.

The Commitment of a Mentor Leader

As a Mentor Leader, you are responsible for one Apprentice and you help to build your Apprentice’s team. We ask that you commit to at least one-year of service, during which you do the following:

  1. Connect with your Apprentice once-a-week – this is done on your own time, in the manner that works best for both you and your Apprentice. It can be as simple as a text or as involved as an in-person hang out.
  2. Attend Small Group with your Apprentice once-a-month – this monthly gathering includes a meal, a staff-led teaching and a focused time for you and your Apprentice to connect one-on-one. Mentor Leaders provide transportation for their Apprentice to and from these gatherings. Meeting times and locations vary by age group.
  3. Attend the Mentor Leader Workshop once-a-month – this monthly gathering is a time of fellowship, training and equipping for the entire team of Mentor Leaders. Workshops are held on the first Friday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm.

The Steps to Become a Mentor Leader

  1. Attend a JCLC Info Session to learn more and connect with JCLC staff
  2. Prayerfully consider whether you are able to commit to the Mentor Leader Role in this season of your life
  3. Complete an application and background check
  4. Meet with a JCLC staff member
  5. Attend JCLC 101 training for new Mentor Leaders
  6. Get paired with an Apprentice and begin the journey of discipleship!

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Tutor a child in need of academic and/or ESL support
  • Participate in monthly Sports and Craft Nights
  • Host a JCLC Info Session in your home or church to help us share the mission and vision of JCLC
  • Donate!

Join Our Prayer Team

At JCLC we believe in the power of prayer. If you would like to lead and serve JCLC through prayer, please send us a message.